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The origins of the Waterlow & Sons Printing Company date back to 1810. Waterlow & Sons Limited was incorporated in 1897 and by the 1920s was one of Britian's largest printers of bank notes, stamps as well as other material. Waterlow & Sons was eventually acquired by De La Rue around 1961[1].

Waterlow & Sons 1952 presentation booklet sample
In the 1952, Waterlow & Sons produced a sales booklet to showcase their printing capabilities, A Century of Stamp Production. This is the front and back of one of the samples cut from the book.

Stamps of Liberia printed by Waterlow & Sons, Ltd.

1892-96 Pictorial Issue
1893 Postage Due
1893 Registration Issue
1894 Registration Surcharges
1897-1905 Pictorial Issue
1938 Birds and Planes Air Mail Issue


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