Robert E. Shoemaker
Robert Shoemaker
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Dr. Robert E. Shoemaker (February 21, 1939 - December 31, 2014) was a collector, exhibitor and author of Liberian philatelic interests. He was a member of the Liberian Philatelic Society, contributing several articles.

"Dr. Shoemaker enjoyed collecting stamps with errors and omissions and liked the challenge researching stamps in countries that weren't well documented. In 2012, he published a book on Liberian postal stationery for the United Postal Stationery Society". [1]

In 2012, Dr. Shoemaker wrote an book on Liberian Stationery which was published by the United Postal Stationery Society, Inc., Liberian Postal Stationery. Although it is an excellent reference, there are several errors. Since Dr. Shoemaker has passed away, I am posting the Errata to Liberian Postal Stationery on this website.

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