Registered Envelope Identification Guide

Liberian Registered Envelopes are very similar in appearance. Envelope size, location of the flap, color and type of the indicia and type of "R" on the front can be used to determine which Registered Envelope you are looking at.

Here is a guide to help you determine which Registration Envelope you are looking at. For a more in depth study of Liberian postal stationery, see the book written by Dr. Robert E. Shoemaker, Liberian Postal Stationery / 2012.

To use the table below, you will need to know a few things about the envelope:

  1. Is the flap on the left or right as you are looking at the front of the envelope?
  2. What is the size of the envelope (not counting the flap) in mm?
  3. Is the "R" in the upper left corner just a block letter, circled block letter or script letter?
  4. What color is the indicia?
  5. What type of in indicia is it?
Type I Type II Type III
indicia-type1-highlight.jpg indicia-type2-highlight.jpg indicia-type3-highlight.jpg

Now use the information gathered above and find your envelope in the table below. Click on the Shoemaker number link to go to that envelope's page.

Flap location Envelope Size Type of "R" Indicia Color Indicia Type Year Shoemaker[1] von Saleski[2] Rogers[3] H&G[4]
Left 133x82mm Block Blue I 1882 1 1k 2 1
Left 133x82mm Block Gray I 1882 2
Left 152x96mm Block Blue I 1882 3 1l 2 1a
Left 225x100mm Block Blue I 1882 4 1m 3 1b
Right 133x82mm Block Ultramarine II 1887 5 2k 4 2
Right 225x100mm Circled Sky blue III1 1886 6 3m 5 3
Right 133x82mm Circled Ultramarine II 1892/1898 7 4IIIkAb 6 4
Right 133x82mm Circled Milky Blue II 1892/1898 8
Right 133x82mm Circled2 Ultramarine III 1892/1898 9 4IIIkBb 7
Right 133x82mm Circled3 Ultramarine III 1892/1898 10 4IIIkAb 7
Right 133x82mm Circled Green II 1892/1898 11 5IIkAb 8 5
Right 133x82mm Circled Gray II 1892/1898 12
Right 133x82mm Circled Green III 1892/1898 13 5IIIkAb 9
Right 133x82mm Circled Gray III 1892/1898 14
Right 133x82mm Circled Bronze III 1892/1898 15
Right 225x100mm Circled Green III 1892/1898 16 5IIImAb 10 5a
Right 225x100mm Circled Gray III 1892/1898 174
Right 152x96mm Circled Lilac Brown III 1892/1898 18 6 11
Right 133x82mm Circled Dark Vermilion II 1892/1898 19 7IIkAb 12 7
Right 133x82mm Circled Dark Vermilion III 1892/1898 20 7IIIkAb 13 7
Right 220x110mm Script Vermilion II 1898 21 8n 14 8


  • Shoemaker states that all the smaller envelopes are 133x88mm. They are actually 133x82mm (give or take a mm).



1. Liberian Postal Stationery / Shoemaker, Dr. Robert E. / 2012
2. Liberia: Specialized Catalogue, 1975 Lothar von Saleski / 1975
3. A Century of Liberian Philately / Rogers, Henry H. / 1971
4. Higgins & Gage Priced Catalogue of Postal Stationery of The World, Section 11.: Labuan to Luxemburg / Fladung, Edward G. / 1968

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