Borrowed Designs

1860-69 Seated Liberty Issue and 1880 Seated Liberty Issue

The Liberian 1860 Seated Liberty Issue was inspired by the Mauritius Britannia Seated issues which were produced starting in 1849. Barbados and Trinidad also used stamps of the same design. The Mauritius stamps were produced by Perkins, Bacon & Co.[1] while the Liberian stamps were produced by Dando, Todhunter & Smith

1881 Coat of Arms Inland Issue

The Liberian 1881 Coat of Arms Inland Issue design was borrowed from Canada 1873 Small Queens Issue 3c stamp. The Canadian stamp was produced by the British American Bank Note Company[2] while the Liberian stamp was produced by T. F. Todhunter.

1918 Pictorial Issue

The Liberian 1918 Pictorial Issue 20c stamp vignette was borrowed from Greece 1901 Giovanni da Bologna's Flying Hermes Issue. The Greek stamp was produced by J. P. Segg & Co.[3] in London while the Liberian stamp was produced by Perkins, Bacon & Co..


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