1957 Child Welfare Foundation Issue

Issued to commemorate the founding of the Antoinette Tubman Child Welfare Foundation.

Regular issue: 364-67

Air mail: C111-12

Souvenir sheet: C113


Issue date November 25, 1957
Printing method Lithographed
Printer E. A. Wright Bank Note Company
Paper Unwatermarked
Perforation 11½
Sheet size 5x5
Subjects 4c - Orphanage playground; 5c - Orphanage, teacher and pupil; 6c - Orphanage, singing boys and national anthem; 10c - Orphanage, children and flag of Liberia; 15c - Orphanage and nurse inoculating boy; 35c - Orphanage and the Kamera triplets; 70c - Orphanage, children and flag of Liberia



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