1950 UPU 75th Anniversary Issue

Issued to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the formation of the Universal Postal Union which occurred in 1949.

Regular stamps: 330, 331

Air mail stamp: C67

Souvenir sheet: C67a


Issue date April 21, 1950
Printing method Engraved
Printer E. A. Wright Bank Note Company
Paper Unwatermarked
Perforation 11½
Sheet size 20 (5x4)
Subjects 5c - UPU Monument; 10c - First UPU Building; 25c - UPU Monument

Specimens, Proofs and Essays

There are two different types of specimen overprints. The first one was applied to regular sheets while the second one was applied to souvenir sheets.

Perforated specimen overprints

Imperforate specimen overprints


  • Imperforate
  • Double specimen overprint

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  • "New Issues" / p. 4 / Journal of the Liberian Philatelic Society / Oct-Dec 2007

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