1937 Fauna and Barclay Issue

This issue features wildlife of Liberia and President Barclay



Issue date April 10,
Designer John Webb
Printing method Engraved
Printer Thomas De La Rue & Company, Ltd
Paper Unwatermarked
Perforation Compound of 11½,12,12½,14;
Sheet size 100
Subjects 1c - Elate Hornbill; 2c - Harnessed Antelope; 3c - West Africa Dwarf Buffalo; 4c - Pygmy Hippopotamus; 5c - Great White Egret; 6c - President E. J. Barclay

Specimens, proofs and essays

Photo essays. According to Luciano Varaschini, these were made by the designer John Webb on 10" X 12" boards that were photographed. Prior to being photographed, four of the essays were signed by then President Edwin Barclay and dated June 23, 1936. The others were signed by the artist, John Webb. Only 30 sets of these photos were created and are numbered on the back.

Surcharges and overprints

1944-46 Surcharges

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