1892 Officials

Regular issue of the 1892-96 Pictorial Issue overprinted "Official" for use on official mail.



Issue date 1892
Printing method Engraved
Printer Waterlow & Sons
Paper Watermarked: Rosette
Perforation 15
Sheet size 1c 6x10; 2c 6x10; 4c 10x6; 6c 8x5; 8c 5x6; 12c 4x5; 16c 3x5; 24c 4x5; 32c 3x5; $1 5x2; $2 2x5; $5 2x5
Subjects 1c, 2c - Numeral of Value in Liberian Star; 4c - Elephant; 6c - Oil Palm; 8c, $5 - President Hilary Richard Wright Johnson; 12c - Vai Woman; 16c, 32c - Coat of Arms; 24c, $2 - Liberian Star; $1 - Pygmy Hippopotamus
Overprint Overprinted "Official" in London in black except 4c, 8c and $5 which were overprinted in red.


Surcharges and Overprints

1893 Surcharged Official

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