1881 Coat of Arms Inland Issue



Issue date 1881
Designer D. Feldwick. Design borrowed from Canada 1873 Small Queens Issue 3c stamp. See Borrowed Designs.
Printing Method Lithographed
Printer T. F. Todhunter
Paper Unwatermarked
Perforation 10½
Sheet size
Subjects Liberian coat of arms.

Specimens, Proofs and Essays

Trial color proof

Fakes and forgeries

Forgeries of this stamp do exist. For more information on the forgeries of this issue:
1881 Coat of Arms Inland Issue Forgeries


There were ten transfers to the lithography stone, each having identifiable characteristics. Below is a guide on determining transfers based off of Cockrill's Book #24 and the transfers that I have.

Transfer #1 - A: Line next to sun. B: Break in palm leaf. C: Break in small palm tree.

Transfer #2 - A: Blunted palm leaf.

Transfer #3 - A: Line under bird. B: Break on horizon.

Transfer #5 - A: Palm leaf protrusion. B: Break in plow.

Transfer #6 - A: Three diagonal lines under bird.

Transfer #7 - A: Flaw shaped like a shooting star.

Transfer #8 - A: Chopped palm leaves.

Transfer #9 - A: Dash in front of bird. B: Flaw across palm leaves.

Transfer #10 - A: Flaw across palm leaves.

Further reading

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