1860-69 Seated Liberty Issue



Issue date Different per transfer (see below)
Printing method Lithographed
Printer Dando, Todhunter & Smith (1st transfer), T. F. Todhunter (2nd-4th transfer)
Paper Different per transfer (see below)
Perforation Different per transfer (see below)
Sheet size
Subjects Liberty seated

First Transfer

The 1860 first transfer was printed on medium to thick paper, perforated 12. The stamps are spaced about 2mm apart with no dividing lines except the 12c stamp sometimes shows traces of a thin dividing line. Scott lists these as 1-3.

Second Transfer

The 1864 second transfer was printed on medium to thick paper, perforated 11 or 12 (24c known perforated 11½). The stamps are spaced 4mm to 6mm apart and they have an extra frame or dividing lines around the stamp at a distance of about 1mm. The colors are lighter than those of the first transfer. Scott lists these as 7-9.

Third Transfer

The 1866-69 third transfer was printed on thin to medium paper. The stamps are spaced about 2mm to 2 1/2mm apart and have no dividing lines with the exception that the 24c sometimes shows a trace of a thin dividing line between stamps. This transfer is not recognized by the Scott or the Yvert et Tellier Catalogs.

Fourth Transfer

The 1867 fourth transfer was printed on very thin paper, perforated 11 or 12. The stamps are spaced close together and there is a an extra frame line (dividing line) between the stamps. Scott lists these as 13-15.


First transfer imprint pair

Fournier Forgeries

François Fournier is known to have forged this issue of stamps. Of all the different forgeries for this issue, the Fournier forgeries are some of the best.

Forgeries of the 1860 printing

Forgeries of the 1864 printing

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